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Best Way To Start Motor | Control Panel Installation | Harmonics & IEEE 519 | Generators & VFD Requirements | VFD Specifications | Resilience & Control Design | Panel Troubleshooting | Need Spare Parts? | Submittals

Let AIC Help You Find the Answers About the Best Way To Start Your Motor.

  • Should I use an Across the line (AOL) /or Direct online (AOL or DOL)?
  • Should I use a Reduced reduced voltage autotransformer (RVAT)?
  • Should I use an RVSS Reduced voltage soft starter (RVSS)?
  • Should I use a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)?

Find the Best Practices for Your Control Panel Installation With AIC’s Help.

  • Do I need a Surge Protective Device (SPD)?
  • Should I use IEC or NEMA devices? - 22mm vs 30mm pilot devices - Contactors, overloads, motor starters, and circuit breakers
  • What type of enclosure should I use and what should the sealing rating be?
  • What are the cooling requirements due to ambient conditions?
  • What types of cables should I use (for VFDs)?
  • What are the overcurrent protection requirements?

Don’t Worry About Harmonics and Meeting IEEE 519. AIC Can Help Get You Answers.

  • How do I calculate system harmonics? - What and where is your point of common coupling (PCC)? - What generates harmonic issues? - What are the costs of harmonics issues?
  • Do I need passive or active harmonics abatement – or any at all?
  • How do harmonics affect power quality?
  • How do I optimize my power supply (or power distribution network)?
  • What are low-cost solutions to solve my harmonics problems?

Find Out How To Properly Size a Generator on Your VFD Requirements.

  • What problems do high power factors cause?
  • How do I reduce system harmonics?
  • How do I reduce my system footprint?

Write a Strong VFD Specification. AIC Is Here To Help.

  • How do you make sure you get what you want?
  • How do you write an open spec, but ensure it is properly defined?
  • How do you future-proof your design?

Learn How To Accommodate Resilience Into Your Control Design. AIC Will Give You the Knowledge!

  • How do I create back-up systems and back-up controls?
  • How do I simplify my backup system?
  • How do I design-in resilience on the front end?
  • What is power resilience and how can I improve the system’s incoming power? - Utility Supply - Generator / Genset
  • How do I protect my system from common failure modes? - Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) - Proper fuse and circuit breaker sizing

Troubleshoot Your Panel With Help From a Trusted Source. AIC Has the Answers.

  • Where do I start troubleshooting a system?
  • What are common issues of a control system?
  • What is improper design and how can it affect my system performance?
  • What is load sizing, and how do I properly size a load?
  • What are common harmonic issues, and how do I fix harmonics in my system?

Fixing Your VFD Quickly Without Spare Parts On Hand Is Simple With AIC.

  • How do I specify extended warranties?
  • How do I build redundancy in the system during the design phase?

Learn How AIC Can Help You Get Quick and Reliable Submittals.

  • How do I find a strong and knowledgeable partner?
  • How do I define the control methodology and needs?
  • How do I find a partner which can handle a project from specification through commissioning?

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