Looking for Expert On-Site Engineering?

Find a Partner Focused on Your Needs. AIC Fits the Bill!

  • Who can help me write a strong control system specification?
  • Who can commission a VFD or control system on my customers’ sites?
  • How do I test and measure my power loads?
  • How do I reduce my operating cost?
  • How do I reduce my production costs?
  • Who can quickly and directly support my engineering and sales teams without wading through manufacturer support queues?

Let AIC Help You Find the Answer for the Best Way To Commission Your Control System.

  • How do I get factory authorized training?
  • How do I schedule a factory-authorized startup?
  • How do I arrange for extended warranties on the VFD and full control panel?
  • How do I find a partner willing to coordinate with other trades?
  • How do I minimize system harmonics?
  • What are the penalties for not meeting IEEE standards?
      • Poor system performance
      • Poor generator stability
      • Excessive power usage
      • Excessive equipment heating
      • Oversizing of generator/transformer - rightsizing

Maintain Expertise in Your Industry. AIC Can Help!

  • Where can I find licensing and professional development hours (PDH)?
  • How do I arrange for lunch and learns and other product-specific training?
  • How do I introduce my team to new technologies and products?
  • How do we add more features and benefits to the system?

AIC Has the Knowledge To Integrate Your Control System With Your Existing System.

  • What sensors do I need, and what control methods need to be tied into those sensors?
  • Who will handle programming?
  • How will the new system interact with the SCADA system already in place?
  • What are the communications protocols needed between devices? What data will be flowing back and forth between the devices?
  • Can I add remote access or remote control?

You Can Retrofit Your System To Improve Performance. Let AIC Give You the Tools for Success.

  • How do I modernize my existing equipment?
  • How do I bring my equipment up to the current code and requirements?
  • How do I maintain product safety when retrofitting my existing system?
  • How do I meet local, state, and federal electrical codes?
  • Do I need a UL508A control panel?

Don’t Struggle To Accommodate Resilience Into Your Control Design. AIC Can Help You Find Direction.

  • How do I design resilience on the front end?
  • How do I create backup systems and backup controls?
  • How do I simplify my backup system and reduce risk in my system design?
  • How do I protect my system from common failure modes?

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