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What Is the
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What Is the Siemens TIA Portal?

The TIA Portal by Siemens is your best option for managing a complete network of automation devices efficiently and easily. The Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal is a single, centralized platform for programming all Siemens automation products that integrate communications. Some of these automation products include PLCs, VFDs, HMIs, CPDs, Sensors, Relays, Pilot Devices, and Power Supplies. The TIA Portal has a very shallow learning curve, and you can access all your equipment devices with one software program. TIA Portal provides many benefits, including:
  • Entire system simulation
  • Device commissioning
  • Network structure
  • Multi-device program design
  • Energy conservation
  • Machine diagnostics
  • Productivity analysis
  • Unified and centralized tag (variable) database
One of the most powerful functions of the TIA Portal is that the operation of each device, as well as the complete system operation, can be simulated for testing and research. This reduces the cost of operational development as the physical components are not required for testing. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch with Applied Industrial Controls, Inc. today as your Siemens Distributor. 

Why Use the Siemens TIA Portal?

Implementing the TIA Portal in your business will enable effective automation of equipment and improved streamlined operations. The portal also makes it easy to collaborate with everyone in your organization by sharing projects and data with the whole team. While collaborating through multi-user engineering, access to critical functions can be customized for specific personnel. There are a number of reasons why the Siemens TIA Portal will be a valuable addition to your operations: Decreases commissioning time Ability to manage your operations remotely through the GPRS Module Optimization of your overall energy consumption Enhances plant security Simplifies existing automation processes by reducing wiring, communications, programming, and overall system complexity Improved transparency and accountability Improved scalability through a single, consolidated programming network Reduced risk through full system simulation

Why Partner With Siemens for IIoT Solutions?

When you partner with Siemens for IIoT solutions, you get access to MindSphere®. This cloud-based application allows global access of shared data and information. Raw data is sent to a remote server where calculations are computed, and then commands are sent back to the devices or remote devices such as phones and tablets. You also get access to edge computing through Siemen's Industrial Edge, which allows real-time data processing, storage, and analysis at the equipment or facility level. Data is sent to a single location in the plant, and the output data can be sent to remote devices and servers if needed. Edge computing utilizes industrial computers or IPCs to run custom algorithms. Both Mindsphere® and Industrial Edge technologies rely on routers or cellular modems to get data to a 'cloud' server. By using MindSphere® and Industrial Edge together, you can expect better remote services, advanced analytics, complete control over your data, and lower data storage and transfer costs. If you are interested in updating your control systems to Siemens TIA Portal, give Applied Industrial Controls, Inc. a call for the details.

What Product Categories Does AIC Carry?

Product Categories

VFDs, PLCs, HMIs, Programmable Relays, Safety Relays, Disconnects, Circuit Breakers, Contactors/Overloads/Motor Starters, Relays, Timers.

Current PLCs

Step 7 PLCs: S7-1200 Series (CPU1211C, CPU1212C, CPU1214C, CPU1215C, CPU1217C), S7-1500 Series, Logo!, ET 200S, ET 200SP, ET 200Pro.

Current IPCs

Simatic Box IPCs (IPC127E, IPC227G, IPC327E, IPC427E, IPC527E, IPC627E), Simatic Rack IPCs (IPC347G, IPC547G, IPC647E, IPC847E, IPC1047E), Simatic Panel IPCs (IPC277G, IPC377E, IPC477E, IPC677E).

Current VFDs

Sinamics, V20, G110D, G115D, G120, G120C, G120D, G120P, G120X, G130, G150, G180, ET 200pro FC-2, Micromaster.

Current HMIs

Simatic HMI Basic Panels and Comfort Panels (KP400, KTP400, KP700, TP700, KP900, TP900, TP1200, KP1500, TP1500, TP1900, TP2200), Panel IPCs (IPC277G, IPC377E, IPC477E, IPC677E), Simatic Key Panels (KP8, HP8F, KP32F).

Legacy PLCs

S7-200, S7-300.

Legacy HMIs

OP77B, OP177B, TP277, MP177, TP177, TP177B, Multi Panel MP277, Multi Panel MP 3777.

Siemens S7-1200 and S7-1500 PLCs and HMIs

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