Are You an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Looking for an Industrial Controls Company?

Don’t Struggle To Stay Ahead of the Competition. AIC Can Answer Your Toughest Questions.

  • How do I add additional features and benefits to my existing product?
  • How do I integrate new sensors and devices?
  • How do I build an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cloud-connected system? How can I connect to my equipment over cellular, wifi, or hard-wired ethernet connection(s)?
  • How do I add remote access and connectivity to my equipment?
  • What can I add to my machine to differentiate myself from the competition?
  • How do I find a partner who will take the time to learn my equipment and process?

Making Your Machine More Efficient Is Easy, Think About It!

  • How can a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) reduce the energy consumption of my motors?
  • Who can help me write a custom algorithm for my process?
  • What sensors will be required to monitor my process?
  • How do I monitor the energy usage throughout my machine?
  • How do I maintain minimum operating conditions throughout the entire process?
Siemens-Control-Panel-Engineering product

To Keep Production Costs Low, Ask AIC for Help With Your Most Difficult Questions.

  • Do I have the best device (PLC, HMI, VFD, circuit breaker, etc.) for my operation?
  • Can I use a different sensor to measure my process?
  • Why should I use a breaker vs. a fuse?
  • When should I convert from relay logic to a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)?
  • What is the difference between microdrives and other variable frequency drives (VFDs)?
  • Should I use NEMA or IEC devices? - 22mm vs 30mm pilot devices - Contactors, overloads, motor starters, and circuit breakers
  • Should I use an across-the-line starter, soft starter, or variable frequency drive (VFD)?
  • Can I combine multiple devices to reduce complexity?
  • Can a variable frequency drive (VFD) take the place of a programmable logic controller (PLC)?

Supply Chain Reliability Is Unpredictable. Learn How AIC Can Help With Common Supply Chain Issues.

  • How do I build redundancy and reliance into my supply chain?
  • Who can help me differentiate between reliable manufacturers?
  • How do I reduce my device lead time so that I can reduce my overall product lead time?
  • How do I find a distributor willing to stock components strictly dedicated to my company?
  • When should we put blanket orders in place?
  • What are good backup manufacturers for our current primary device manufacturers?
UL508A Pump Controller Assembly

Keep Your Team Up to Date on Current Technology and Technical Knowledge. AIC Can Answer All of Your Technical Questions.

  • Who can quickly and directly support my engineering and sales teams without wading through manufacturer support questions?
  • How do I schedule lunch and learn events for my engineering and sales teams?
  • How do I find a partner who will help drive innovation in my company?
  • Where can I find licensing and professional development hours (PDH)?

Writing a Strong Product or System Design Specification Is Simple With AIC as Your Industrial Controls Company.

  • How do I define a good sequence of operations?
  • What are the key performance indicators for my process?
  • How do I maximize the performance of my equipment?
  • How do I measure operations throughout my machine?
  • What other devices does my machine interact with?
  • What communications protocols are required? How can I convert or translate one communications protocol to another?
  • How do I minimize the operating cost of my equipment?
  • What separates my equipment from the competition?
UL-508A-Panel-Shop-Staff-5 Triplex Mitsubish VFD Pump Controller

AIC Can Help Answer Questions About What Type of Enclosure You Should Use and Environmental and Seal Ratings. All You Have To Do Is Ask!

  • What are NEMA and IP seal ratings and what do they mean?
  • How do I determine my heating and cooling load requirements?
  • How does a corrosive or hazardous environment affect the enclosure specifications?
  • What is the difference between 304 and 316 stainless steel?

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