Concentrate on Your Core Business While AIC Handles the Controls Through Our UL508A Panel Shop

Working with Applied Industrial Controls, Inc. for a custom panel allows your operations to focus on the core business while we handle designing and building your control system. We can relieve an overburdened electrical department, reduce your manufacturing and labor costs, reduce the risks of market fluctuations, and speed up your overall growth. As a leading UL508A panel shop, AIC knows the products like no one else because we are not only trained on them, but we use them in our operations. Get in touch with us today to learn more and start the process.

What Is
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What Is a UL508A Panel Shop?

A UL508A panel shop is a production facility trained and certified by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) to build industrial electrical control panels to the UL508A certification. Applied Industrial Controls, Inc. partnered directly with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to audit our panel builds and process quarterly. The UL508A standard is the code for safe design and construction, specifically for industrial control panels. It applies to devices and controls that have a 600V rating or less and are used for starting, stopping, protecting, controlling, and regulating electric motors and other control circuits. This standard governs the design and manufacturing of panels, such as enclosure environmental ratings, safety markings, appropriate device usage, wiring, motor and circuit protection, and conformance with National Electrical Code (NEC, NFPA:70) regulations and standards. Having UL508A certification ensures safety compliance and usage approval by building inspectors, reducing the risk and cost of onsite inspections and certifications.

Why Outsource Panel Fabrication?

Outsourcing panel fabrication is a smart decision that not only saves money and ensures compliance but also gives peace of mind. Several factors and considerations are involved in panel design and manufacturing, such as quality, support, application requirements, technology, component stocking and staging, and compliance with codes and standards. For this reason, it makes sense to let panel construction professionals do the job. Outsourcing panel design and fabrication allows operations employees to stay focussed on their core responsibilities. Often, internal employees are not trained in panel construction and regulations. In-house builds often lead to missed deadlines, additional material requirements and labor costs, and overlooked criteria. Our panel construction experts will provide up-to-date technology, ensure compliance with codes and standards, and meet deadlines while being the most cost-effective solution.

UL-508A-Panel-Shop-Staff ABB VFD Pump Control Panels
UL-508A-Panel-Shop NEMA 4X Pump Control Panel

What Is the Value of UL508A Certification?

Having UL508A identification on an industrial control panel confirms that the panel design and fabrication meet UL standards. This confirms to clients and inspectors that the panel is robust, durable, and approved nationally or internationally. The UL508A certification must be renewed annually, and a manufacturer must keep up to date with UL training. Quarterly audits by a National Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) ensure Applied Industrial Controls, Inc. exceeds these standards throughout the year. Having UL508A panel shop certification validates that a panel manufacturer can design and build industrial control panel equipment, including sub-panels, enclosures, control circuits, and associated terminals and cabling. It proves that wire cuts, connections, and layouts are completed by a controlled cabling method. Lastly, certification shows that the complete panel has been constructed accurately in a controlled and documented process and environment.

What To Consider for Control Panel Design?

An effective industrial control panel starts with the design. Understanding design is critical to ensure the panel will meet the needs of the application and the regulatory codes such as the NEC. It will comprise a wide range of components that must work together effectively and efficiently. Some of the most important factors to consider when designing a control panel include:

  • Physical characteristics and layout
  • Component spacing and wire bending requirements
  • Thermal load for heating and cooling requirements
  • Enclosure space requirements
  • Enclosure material
  • Environmental and enclosure sealing requirements
  • Front panel and faceplate materials
  • Supply conductor type selection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Motor overload protection
  • Circuit protection
  • Panel and motor disconnecting means
  • Operator type selection and interface
  • Control type selection
  • Terminal and cable labeling
  • Compliance with various regulatory codes and standards
  • Workplace safety
  • Machine safety and equipment safety
  • Labour and materials costs
  • Application requirements/Sequence of Operations (SOO)

What Are AIC’s Capabilities?

When you collaborate with Applied Industrial Controls, Inc. for industrial panel services, you can expect a professional and memorable experience from our team of experts. We assemble and test our panels to ensure they meet and exceed regulatory standards. We can design and fabricate control panels for any application, no matter how simple or complex. Our professional capabilities include:

Design Support – The team at AIC can review your schematics and sequence of operations (SOO) and provide suggestions for improved operational performance and efficiency and cost reductions.

Assorted Inventory – We stock almost $1,000,000 of high-quality control devices, equipment, and panel fabrication materials in our inventory. This reduces lead times on custom projects.

In-House Assembly and Testing – Applied Industrial Controls, Inc. assembles and tests all panels to UL508A standards before they ship to ensure they pass our rigorous QC inspection. We also perform functional tests and onsite commissioning to ensure proper functionality when possible.

Desirable Lead Times – AIC is committed to meeting our clients' required lead times, and we also have expedited options available.

UL508A Certification – Applied Industrial Controls Inc. is UL508A certified, and all of the panels that leave our manufacturing facilities are compliant with various required industry codes and standards unless application requirements demand otherwise.

Flexible Delivery – We can ship your top-quality control panel anywhere in the world. This enables us to support various global industries and provide high-quality products and services.

Customized Enclosures – Years ago, we realized cutting holes in enclosures by hand was time-consuming, expensive, and prone to error. So we invested in a Kiesling Perforex CNC Router which allows us to go from CAD to production in just minutes. In some cases, custom modification of standard enclosures may not be enough, so we provide fully custom NEMA and UL-approved enclosures as well.

Reach out to the team of experts at Applied Industrial Controls, Inc. to request an engineering assessment and get a quote for a high-quality panel that meets and exceeds codes and standards.


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