Why Have a Certified Engineer Perform your VFD Commissioning?

What Is Drive Commissioning?

Why Should I
Use AIC?

What Does Drive Commissioning Cover?

What Does System Commissioning Cover?

What Are the Risks of DIY Commissioning?


What Is Start Up and Commissioning?

Commissioning refers to the series of activities that a field service engineer performs. Also known as start up, commissioning is performed along with the end-user, original equipment manufacturer (OEM), or engineering consultant. The purpose of commissioning is to ensure the specific equipment meets the process functionality and overall operational requirements.

The process of commissioning includes the integrated application of the specified set of engineering procedures and techniques designed to check, test, and inspect each piece of equipment in the project. This includes everything from individual functions to comprehensive integrations, and it may require functional testing under live mechanical loads.

Why Should I Use AIC for Automation Control Panel or VFD Commissioning?

Professional commissioning optimizes system availability and boosts the performance of a new drive application. Some of the benefits of efficient and effective commissioning include:

  • Extended Warranty – Applied Industrial Controls, Inc. keeps manufacturer-certified field engineers on staff who have years of experience across a broad range of applications. When one of our engineers commissions a VFD project, the warranty can be extended an additional one to two years at no additional charge, depending on the manufacturer. Additionally, this allows us to offer extended warranties of up to ten years!
  • Operational Reliability - Professional commissioning is performed using the latest tools and methods. Every manager and business owner wants turnkey solutions so they can have absolute peace of mind and focus on the primary aspects of the business.
  • Cost Awareness - Operational efficiency will help you save money by ensuring the commissioning is executed quickly and efficiently and by confirming that the automation system is operating at optimal performance.
  • Drive Registration - Serial numbers from commissioning are stored in the OEM’s database and available to be used later for maintenance support. This way, you don’t have to worry about misplacing documents or keeping large records for equipment. Proper registration reduces the time for replacement parts and warranty claims while ensuring proper installation.
  • Safety - The importance of safety can’t be overstated in an industrial environment. When you work with a professional, experienced commissioning team, you can feel confident that all safety procedures are followed and all devices are installed properly.

Commissioning of ACQ580s VFDs at a wastewater plant
ABB-VFD-Website ACQ580ULH-250HP

What Does Drive Commissioning Cover?

Drive commissioning is performed following national safety regulations and agreed upon functional requirements. A certified engineer provides the best possible outcomes in terms of optimized performance and operational reliability. Drive commissioning service offers a wide range of benefits that include:

• Extended warranties
• Manufacturer approved safety and installation check
• Proper motor cabling installation test
• Communications protocol check
• Optimized parameter settings
• Control signal checking at the drive unit
• Optional process tuning after customer definitions
• Preventative maintenance instructions and recommendations
• Commissioned drives registered by serial number in OEM database
• Installation and cabling work
• Application engineering
• Training of personnel
• Functional testing

What Does System Commissioning Cover?

System commissioning covers many different operations within the complete system to ensure you get the best solution possible. Applied Industrial Controls, Inc. is a standout VFD commissioning leader. Professional systems commissioning will provide testing and confirmation of inputs and outputs by examining the electrical diagram to verify the correct input and output points. This includes all communications and analog signals. It also includes loading the program and systematically testing subsystems to ensure the logic in your program is correct. Finally, it confirms system integration. This involves verifying that each piece of equipment, all devices, and all elements of your system are working together properly.

We also perform intensive site acceptance testing on equipment. This testing can include:

• Instrumentation calibration
• Drive configuration
• PLC firmware and programming
• Factory automation
• Process controls
• Servo set-up
• Functional testing
• Communications
• SCADA Integration
• Training of personnel
• VFD commissioning
• IIoT and remote access verification

ABB-ACS580-VFDs and Siemens Motor Control Center MCC

What Are the Risks of DIY Commissioning?

DIY commissioning carries with it risks that can jeopardize your operation. It's always recommended to use professional commissioning from a provider with a proven track record so you can feel confident that every component of your application is running according to industry standards and best practices. Companies often try to commission a drive or control panel with internal personnel who may not know proper parameter settings or are inexperienced with communications protocols and grounding issues. This can lead to dangerous and risky installations.

One of the most common ways companies run into trouble when using DIY commissioning is connecting the drive to a higher voltage than specified. This often damages the drive beyond repair. Some other potential risks of DIY commissioning include connecting the supply to the output terminals, connecting the main electrical wires directly to the control board terminals, tightening screws beyond the recommended torque, or mounting a drive below pipes that drip condensation or system product. You may also encounter issues if you store your drive for more than a year prior to start up without charging and discharging the capacitors.

Are you looking for an industry-leading partner to help with your drive commissioning and system start up? Get in touch with Applied Industrial Controls, Inc. today for expert advice, extended warranties, and reliable support.


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