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VFDs / Motor Controls

Need to start, stop, and control the speed and torque of a motor? We can help size devices such as reduced voltage soft starters (RVSS), across-the-line starters, contactors, combination starters, overloads, servos, and variable frequency drives (VFDs).


Need to automate your application or equipment? Accuracy, reliability, and flexibility are essential to developing automated solutions to complex processes. Use a programmable logic controller (PLC), programmable relay, or industrial computer (IPC) to perform complex tasks such as motion, input and output (I/O) control, data logging, web server access, and email.


Do you know how to display complex information and provide a user interface in a compact display? Human Machine interfaces (HMIs) and Panel Computers (Panel IPCs) provide touch screen displays capable of textual, digital, analog, and graphical data display and entry. View system conditions, operations, and vital information in one location.


Have simple automation needs? Relays can provide simple logic control through timers, counters, monitoring devices, and logical triggers. We can provide low-cost solutions for single-pole and multi-pole time delays and simple input and output (I/O) control.


How are you going to protect and house your control panel design? We can help navigate the issues which drive enclosure design and selection. From sizing to environmental seal ratings, we know what is required. Can't figure out the heating and cooling needs for your industrial electrical control panel? We can calculate your thermal load as well.

Pilot Devices

How are your users interacting with your control panel? We provide a wide selection of 22mm and 30mm panel-mount devices. Pilot devices are integral to any automated process, from simple pushbuttons and selector switches to indicating lights, stack lights, and audible signal devices.


Do you know the best way to have your control system interact with the physical world? We can find the right sensor for any application. Discrete and analog sensors are integral for any automation project. We can help select the right technology, including position detection, ultrasonic, photoelectric, proximity, limit, temperature, flow, level, current, and voltage sensors.


Need technical support, service, or parts for your fire pump controller? AIC has one of the largest inventories of Firetrol parts in the country. We stock legacy and newer parts, including microprocessors, contactors, relays, breakers, transfer switch modules, and jockey pump controllers.

Power Supply & Transformers

How will you supply power to your control circuit or industrial electrical control panel? We can size your power products to provide safe, efficient power for all your control devices. Transformers, DC power supply units (PSUs), converters, and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) are integral to any panel design.

Power Distribution

Struggling with distributing power for a new assembly line or plant expansion? We can size and supply your low and medium-voltage switchgear, motor control centers (MCCs), or distribution blocks. We design our custom solutions to fit your individual needs.


Why are you still struggling to connect your devices and panels reliably? Whether M8, M12, or a specialty connector, we can provide the right connector at the right cost to reduce your installation times and prevent crossed wires in the field.

Circuit Protection Devices

How are you protecting your control and power circuits? We navigate the UL, NEC, and NFPA codes to help select the right protection for your circuit. Fuses, circuit breakers, surge protective devices (SPDs), line filters, and intrinsically safe barriers (IS Barriers) protect the control panel's integrity and increase the system's resilience.

Machine Safety

Is OSHA safety compliance a concern for your equipment? Proper machine safety reduces the risk of injury and company liability. We can help you understand the need for safety relays, safety PLCs, interlocks, light curtains, floor and footswitches, and other safety devices.

Communications, IIoT, and Remote Access

Are you struggling to compete with smart devices? Are you servicing equipment worldwide? We can guide you by connecting your machine to the cloud, building a proprietary IIoT App, or getting your two machines to talk over Modbus. We can add text message alarming or data analytics to any application.


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