Free Interactive Connected Machine Workshop

Are you looking for practical hands-on experience with smart technology to connect your machines remotely and make your job easier?

If you’re an engineer or maintenance professional who wants to learn these job-changing skills, we are hosting a free, interactive workshop.

You’ll learn about crucial concepts and practical skills, such as:

  • The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

  • The Connected Machine

  • How to remotely connect to your automation equipment using the Ewon Flexy

  • Remotely access a PLC

  • Set up alarms and send email notifications

  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and make updates to PLCs and other automation devices

  • Log data and send that data to the cloud

  • Create HTML based dashboards

The agenda for the Connected Machine Workshop:

  • IIoT Remote Access

    • Introduction to Flexy (Hardware) and Talk2M (Software)

    • Set up Flexy and connect to the Internet

    • Make a remote connection using eCatcher (Software)

  • Remote Data

    • Connecting to a PLC and creating tags

    • Set up data logging

    • Set up email alarm notifications

    • Create web-based dashboards for your data

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