Discover How To Improve the Efficiency of an Electric Motor With an ABB Ability Energy Audit

Did you know you spend up to 95% of the life cycle costs of a motor on energy losses? In fact, capital costs represent only about 1% of the total life cycle operational costs of the motor.

Luckily, you can uncover how to improve the efficiency of an electric motor, save money on your total cost of ownership and operating costs today with a Free Ability Energy Audit by ABB.
Most business owners and plant managers don’t know that:
  • Electric motors consume almost 28% of the world’s electricity
  • This energy usage has a profound environmental impact
  • A 3% improvement in efficiency reduces energy loss by 40%

When our experts come into your facility to perform a complimentary motor energy audit, they will:
  • Identify poor designs and improperly maintained systems or equipment
  • Pinpoint non-maintenance of electric motors that may reduce the productivity of an entire plant or commercial venue
  • Assess the cost-effectiveness of the current energy-efficient measures in a facility
Don’t wait to get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation ABB Energy Audit so you can take important steps to improve your energy efficiency and your bottom line.
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